Sacred Bridges Sessions

Our deepest human longing points to the shared purpose of our lives—to bridge the sense of separation and return to the Oneness of Love. The struggle and challenge we experience is the soul's deliberate invitation to begin the journey to find purpose and meaning. On this inward journey, we are called to travel sacred bridges that begin in the heart and take us as far as our faith and our trust will allow. Therese offers individual sessions to support you in living your soul's highest expression.

Spiritual Counseling | Integrative Therapies

Integrative Therapies
Therese offers integrative therapies to reconnect you with the joy of innocence that is your birthright as a child of God. Begin to reclaim health and wholeness as you allow Divine Love to transform you in body, mind and spirit.

Inner Child Healing
In a light dreamlike state and guided by Love, you will bridge the subconscious and the conscious minds to bring childhood wounds to the Light for healing. Uncover negative scripts written long ago which still direct your life and replace them with positive and grateful expectation. Heal your mind and open your heart to the abundant and joyful life you have always wanted.

Integrated Energy Therapy
Heal with the energy of the angels. Release the cellular memory of past physical and emotional trauma as well as negative emotions and attitudes that limit your happiness. Clear energy blocks that undermine your creativity, prosperity and joy. Achieve new levels of healing and personal empowerment for a more peaceful and satisfying life.

“Thank you for a deep and wonderful session last night. I could really feel the love of God. You have a special gift...I really believe what I experienced last night is the highest form of prayer;to be touched by God's love again is what I yearn for. I know God/Jesus has been there for me, but I did not always feel it. I am still feeling it today.”
− Eva

One or two hour sessions
are held in North Suburban
Chicago or by telephone.
Therese makes local hospital
& home visits upon request.