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Living by Heart: Empowering Children’s Connecton to Universal Wisdom
The most valuable and lasting gift you can give a child is a deeply felt connection to the creative power of the Universe. Imagine if you could give children a spiritual toolbox to help them navigate every circumstance of their lives. This book is an invitation to explore a heart-centered paradigm for parenting that introduces universal wisdom and supports children's Divine connection. Children can be empowered to be their highest and best, in harmony with the invisible Intelligence behind the visible world.
Published 2011.
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"Therese Evans offers a gift to parents, children and the world at large with her extraordinary book. While concise in length, it is gigantic in breadth, depth and scope with the capacity to enlighten parents and teachers everywhere as to the true nature of the beloved children in their care. Through teaching the basic, yet stunningly beautiful laws of the Universe, we will create true and lasting change on our planet. My hope is that this powerful book is passed among many. I offer Therese my heartfelt thanks...”
− Annie Burnside, Award Winning Author of Soul to Soul Parenting