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Therese Evans

Therese Evans is an author, teacher, minister and spiritual counselor.
Her heart-centered practice, Sacred Bridges LLC, helps individuals and couples connect to the love within and between them, so they can create the joyful and purposeful lives they are meant to live. With a gentle spirit and an open heart, Therese supports people of all spiritual paths to embrace and live their deepest truth and their highest purpose.

Blessed with three children, Therese found that motherhood can be a powerful, even mystical, spiritual path that opens the heart to unconditional love. In her experience, unconditional love is the sacred bridge that connects each of us to our heart's wisdom, our soul's path and to those we love for all eternity.

Therese holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marquette University and masters and doctoral degrees from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She is an ordained inter-faith minister, a heart-centered hypnotherapist, and is board certified by the American Alternative Medical Association. Therese is a certified teacher at the elementary and secondary levels with many years of experience teaching children, teens and adults.

“No one gets to the heart of the matter like Therese.” − Ann

“Therese is an amazing, gentle, loving and wise teacher and counselor. I personally experienced deep spiritual healing and phenomenal connection with the Divine during my individual sessions with Therese. She has been a true angel on my path.” − Terrie

“Therese's classes have been an inspiration. She possesses a wealth of intuitive abilities, knowledge, experience and compassion to help every participant arrive at a wisdom that personally speaks to them.” − Tim